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The AdvanceDx100 Blood Separator Collection Card is a revolutionary new way to collect, store, and transport micro-sample blood specimens for laboratory analysis. It supersedes all previous collection methods in its ease of use and accuracy. Complicated instructions and difficult procedures are now a thing of the past. Specimen drops no longer have to be specifically separated and accurately deposited, but are, instead, actually layered one upon another. There is no guesswork as to whether a specimen has been properly collected.

The secret to this patented device lies in its special blood transport method that actually separates the blood serum from the red blood cells right on the card. This is the same process that occurs when a tube of blood is "spun down" in a centrifuge before processing. (Most laboratory tests are performed on the serum only, and it must be separated from the red cells for analysis.) Because the red cells are already isolated when the sample reaches the laboratory, complicated and time consuming extraction procedures are no longer necessary. Consequently, test results are reported much more rapidly.