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Advance  Dx, Inc. was born out of the  increasing demand for simplified, yet cost-effective health risk assessment and disease management technologies.  We are currently the only company in the world specializing in enabling technologies for laboratories to perform micro-sample testing.

Our strength lies in the way we collect, transport, extract, and process samples. By integrating our extensive flexibility with the needs of our customers, we possess an array of problem solving solutions.

Collections can be customized to serve numerous healthcare markets.

The applications and demands for these types of collection and analysis methods are virtually endless.
Current list of laboratories using the ADx 100 collection card

US Specialty Labs (https://www.usspecialtylabs.com)

Aegis Science Corporation (https://www.aegislabs.com)

Clinical Reference Laboratories, Inc.(http://www.crlcorp.com)

Summit Health  (http://www.summithealth.com)

Mygenetx (http://www.mygenetx.com)

New Century Diagnostics, Inc.