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Being acutely aware of the global shortage of affordable health care and the universal movement toward pre-emptive health management, Advance Dx, Inc. was formed to help improve and expand medical screening technologies throughout the world.  Accurate, rapid, and affordable early detection of possible disease states, as well as convenient management of disease states will change the face of modern health care and is what drives the Advance Dx's vision.

Advance Dx 100 Collection Card - The ADx100 Blood Separator is the revolutionary new way to collect, store, and transport micro-sample blood specimens for laboratory analysis.

Current list of laboratories using the ADx 100 collection card

US Specialty Labs (https://www.usspecialtylabs.com)

Aegis Science Corpporation (https://www.aegislabs.com)

Clinical Reference Laboratories, Inc.(http://www.crlcorp.com)

Summit Health   (http://www.summithealth.com)

Mygenetx (http://www.mygenetx.com)

New Century Diagnostics, Inc.